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Personal Training in the CBD with Sydney’s Best

Want to improve your fitness levels but not quite sure where to start? A personal trainer will look at your current mental and physical status, discuss what it is you ultimately want to achieve and (through correct eating, training and lifestyle principles) lay out a step by step plan to help you achieve all your goals.

At Own It Fit, our Sydney CBD personal training sessions ensure results by helping you to take ownership and control of your body and health, ultimately working towards a healthier and happier you. Through continual education, motivation and monitoring, we will help you develop lifelong habits that will ensure you live a full, vibrant and energetic life.

If you have a chronic condition or injury, our personal trainers can generate a tailored exercise plan that enables you to stay fit and active in your own lifestyle. We know it can be difficult to find accessible exercise facilities and routines, so our team makes it easy to get the support you need to live a healthy life through a comprehensive exercise regimen. Everyone deserves to be able to work out safely and confidently.

The Own It Fit training outcome: 

Our sessions are all about creating a lifelong habit to keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Our personal trainers will provide you with:

  1. -Nutrition education, planning and monitoring
  • -Ongoing support and communication
  • -Ongoing testing and monitoring
  • -Inspiring YOU to take ownership for the outcome you desire

Achieve noticeable results

Personal training is becoming more and more popular. Why? Because people notice that they can achieve greater results when they are focused on themselves, and not on what is going on around them. By organising sessions with your very own personal trainer from Sydney’s Own It Fit, you are able to focus only on what you want to achieve, and not on the group goals.

These individual sessions are great for those looking for extra motivation and professional support, and can also be taken in conjunction with our Sydney CBD bootcamps or group sessions. Our one-on-one sessions are a great way to refine and practice the things learned in our group fitness programs, but can also be used as a way to blaze your own trail.

If there are specific things you want addressed, personal training may be for you, especially for those suffering from disabilities or chronic illnesses or recovering from injury. Our trainers can help you in overcoming those limitations if possible. Get the help you need from Own It Fit today. We offer flexibility in time and location, meaning anyone can live their best life with our help. Our group sessions are also available around the clock, to meet the schedules of more people in Sydney.

Contact us today

For more information on how a personal trainer can help you, please get in touch with us today. We service clients throughout the Sydney CBD, so call us on 1300696483  to book a consultation. Our professional team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our training methods or availability. With our help we are certain you can reach and go beyond your goals.

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