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The Own it Fit team participates in a number of major events throughout the calendar year. We encourage our clients to participate in them as there are a number of benefits to taking part. One of the major benefits to a client training for a specific sporting event is that it gives them a clear target to reach for and helps them stick to a structured training plan outside of our sessions. When achieving success at these events it often demonstrates that by having a clear goal, a structured plan and discipline that you can quite often achieve more then you first thought, this can flow on into many other aspects of your life. Own it Fit believes that training for these events should be done in a group environment where you are part of a team working towards the same goal. Have you ever run in a group versus running on your own? If you haven’t we guarantee that you will push harder in a group environment and get a tonne more enjoyment running alongside someone else. Our training programs are tailored towards each specific event which means you will be ensured of the best possible preparation before the big day. Don’t do it alone, come and be part of the Own it Fit team.

Click here to speak to one of our Own it fit Team, or to join one of our Events Training programs.