"> 6 Week and 12 Week Challenge in Sydney

6 Week Challenge


Improve your health and fitness with a unique 6 week challenge that is tailored to your fitness level and goals.

Burn as Much as 15 Kilograms* Quickly and Easily in our 6 Week Challenge in Sydney!

Once you have completed your 6 week challenge you may continue and partake in our 12 week challenge. Sydney business Own it Fit is here to offer a more convenient solution. We understand a 12 week challenge can be a lot to take on – especially if you are just starting your healthy journey. With our 6 week challenge, participants can expect to lose as much as *15 kilograms of fat easily. We know our clients are after fast results. By cutting a 12 week challenge in half, we help Sydney clients to shed unwanted fat faster than you ever thought possible. We provide comprehensive support to all of our clients, which will not only see you losing weight but also improving your health and fitness for good.

*Individual results may vary..

This amazing program will not only cost significantly less than you’d expect, you can also lose between 5-15 kilos and up to an amazing 20cms off your waist!

Why Own it Fit?

(And how will it get me feeling and looking great in my skinny jeans)

Own it Fit in Sydney is all about giving you the FAT LOSS* RESULTS you want in a safe, motivating and judgement free environment. Own it Fit’s 6 week challenge is a great stepping stone for those looking to take on further fitness programs such as the longer 12 week challenge, or people looking for fast results. We combine effective resistance training with motivation techniques and advice to help you make that positive change in your life.

About the workouts

Each workout is conducted with an experienced and certified personal trainer, and has been uniquely designed to ensure a supportive, fun and challenging atmosphere. The workouts burn the maximum amount of fat in the shortest time by combining resistance, cardio and plyometric activities. To ensure the best results, we personalise your workout to suit your individual goals and fitness level. Work together with likeminded people to achieve your goal of improving your fitness. Programs are done in a group setting, which ensure heaps of fun and motivation. It also makes the program much more affordable than private sessions with a trainer.

Take that first step

While there might be things that hold us back from getting fit, everything from busy schedules, to lack of motivation or simply not knowing where to start, we help you overcome these obstacles and get the results you want. Start off small and work up to a 12 week challenge with just 6 weeks with our Sydney team.

For 40 minutes, 3 times a week, you can achieve fast weight loss thanks to the ‘after burn effect’. This is done in a welcoming, non-intimidating and energetic atmosphere.

Best of all, you’ll not only be losing weight, you’ll be building muscle and boosting your metabolism.

Start melting fat, building toned muscle and kick-start your metabolism with just three 40 minute sessions a week with our 6 week challenge. In less than 6 weeks you’ll be back in your favourite little black dress or pair of skinny jeans.

What you get in our 6 week challenge:

  • Unlimited access to training by experienced and certified trainers
  • 6 week meal plan
  • Nutrition advice
  • Goal setting meeting (one-on-one)
  • The chance to drop 4-14 kilos of fat – without calorie counting
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Fitness assessments and measurements
  • Unlimited bootcamp
  • Keep on track with a weekly food and activity diary
  • Unlimited access to phone and email support
  • Access to our ‘closed’ FB group
  • Pictures before and after the 6 week challenge to see your amazing results
  • Gain the motivation to work up to a 12 week challenge in Sydney
  • Weekly phone call from a Own it Fit expert
  • Workouts for when you can’t make it to our fat burning sessions
  • A chance to boost results even more by asking about our 12 week challenge in Sydney
  • Money back guarantee

Current session times and locations (attend any sessions at any location):
Eastern Suburbs- Rose Bay, Queens Park and Rushcutters Bay.

Inner West- Glebe/Annandale, Alexandria/St Peters and Leichhardt.

The CBD at  The Domain.


6:00AM Own it H.I.I.T 6:00AM Own it X-Fit 6:00AM Own H.I.R.T
6:40AM Own it H.I.I.T 6:40AM Own it X-Fit 6:40AM Own H.I.R.T
09:30AM Own H.I.R.T 09:30AM Own it X-Fit
09:30AM Rose Bay (nanny available) 09:30AM Rose Bay (nanny available)


6:00AM HIRT 6:00AM Boxfit 6:00AM XFIT 6:00AM Own it H.I.I.T 6:00AM Own it X-Fit
 6:40AM HIRT 6:40AM Boxfit  6:40AM XFIT 6:40AM Own it H.I.I.T  6:40AM Own it X-Fit 6:45AM Own it H.I.I.T
09:30AM Own it X-Fit (nanny available) 09:30AM Boxfit (nanny available)  09:30AM Own H.I.R.T (nanny available)


Rushcutters Bay
6:00AM Own it H.I.I.T 6:00AM Own it X-Fit 6:00AM Own H.I.R.T
6:40AM Own it H.I.I.T 6:40AM Own it X-Fit 6:40AM Own H.I.R.T

Sydney Inner West
Glebe/Annandale (Federal park/jubilee park)
 6:00AM HIRT  6:00AM HIIT  6.15am Own it X-Fit
 6:40AM HIRT  6:40AM HIIT  7am Own it X-Fit


St Peters/Alexandria/Erskineville (Sydney Park)
6:00AM Own it X-Fit 6:00AM Own H.I.R.T 6:00AM XFIT 6:40AM Own it HIIT
6:40AM Own it X-Fit 6:40AM Own H.I.R.T 6:40AM XFIT 6:40AM Own it HIIT


Leichhardt (Blackmore Park)
 6:00AM Boxfit 6:00AM Own it X-Fit 6:00AM HIRT
 6:40AM Boxfit 6:40AM Own it X-Fit  6:40AM HIRT


THE DOMAIN/Woolloomooloo
 6.30AM HIRT  6.30AM HIIT  6.30AM XFIT 8:00AM Own it X-Fit
 12.15PM XFIT  12.15PM HIRT  12.15PM XFIT  12.15PM HIIT  12.15PM HIRT
05:40PM Own it H.I.R.T
06:20PM Own it H.I.R.T
05:40PM Own it H.I.I.T
06:20PM Own it H.I.I.T
05:40PM Boxfit
06:20PM Boxfit
05:40PM Own it X-Fit
06.20pm Own it X-Fit



All of this for less than you’d expect

Now’s the time to sign up to our AMAZING FAT FURNACE PROGRAM

With an amazing price, experienced trainers and ongoing support, there’s never been a better time to take that first step toward improved fitness and health.

To give you peace of mind a 6 or 12 week challenge is the right choice for you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If, after two weeks of following our fitness and weight loss program you do not see significant changes in the way you look and feel, you’ll receive 100% of your money back.

Please note: Own it Fit success stories are from action takers that actually followed through with our exercise and nutrition program.  You need to actually attend training and follow our nutrition guidelines to get these types of results.

  • andrew
  • christina
  • gen
  • greg
  • tania
  • marc

*Individual results may vary