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Ownitfit Virtual Schedule
Ownitfit Virtual Schedule


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HIRT w HIIT finisher

Strength session using dumbbell, kettlebell, resistant bands including body weight

Cardio w abs finisher

Cardio session which will use resistant bands for back work with a core finisher

HIRT w HIIT finisher

A high intensity workout .Strength session using dumbbell, kettlebell, resistant bands including body weight

Own H.I.R.T

High Intensity Resistance type workout helping you to own your way to a lean muscular physique. You will add lean muscle and burn body fat in one workout 🙂

Stretch n HIIT

Session focusing predominantly on opening up the shoulders, hips and thorcacic spine plys activating glutes. Should you like to stay on for a few extra minutes at the end there will be a HIIT finisher to get a sweat on.


Session focusing predominantly on stretching, light yoga and a meditation to complete the session.

"We promise you'll always feel welcome, anytime"

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