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Jane McDermott – Nutritionist

Nutrition isn’t the only answer to health, moving your body is also a big part of being healthy. I recommend my clients get social while they exercise and often recommend Own It Fit. Own It Fit offers group training sessions with a personalised approach, the 6-week challenge is great! Many of my clients glow after one of their challenges!

Michael Hasson – Physiotherapist

My primary focus for my clients is to improve their posture and flexibility beyond their injury. I have significant experience in assisting Work-Cover clients recuperate. Many of the clients I see have injuries and pains as a result of their sedentary lifestyles from sitting at work all day in front of a computer screen and then sitting at home in the evening in front of the TV. I recommend my clients utilise Own it Fit’s services due to their ability to tailor programs for those with injuries so as not to injure them further. In fact, on many occasions Own it Fit hastens the recovery period for my clients. Own it Fit utilises whole body movement exercises (where possible for the individual client) which is invaluable in improving posture and overall body conditioning.

Ana Carina Crnkovic – Naturopath and Yoga Instructor

When I started training with Mel, I had a 6 month old and needed to :

1. Get out there
2. Do something positive for myself
3. Become strong again
4. And stronger even to run and carry my active boy
5. Get ready for the next pregnancy and birth.

Little she knew the impact she had in my life, after a few sessions, I was feeling fit and healthy already. I come from a naturopathy, yoga and meditation lifestyle, and would never think I’d end up doing push ups in a park.

But I understood that life had changed and I actually needed to be physically strong to endure its challenges. Yoga and meditation are excellent, but do need a cardiovascular balancing counterpart and Mel’s sessions are a perfect combination.

I am positive the birth of my son would have been quicker and easier , had I been fit and not only highly bendy and open, or calm. After all, it’s a marathon! Ayurveda recommends 20 mins of being in nature daily for good health. As a naturopath I see many benefits with regularly training outdoors, in contact with nature and like minded people. It’s good for your heart, circulation, lung capacity, lymph movement and overall detox : kidney, liver, skin and lungs. The thyroid also benefits from the activity, as well as all other glands. Not to mention the Vitamin D we receive during training!

I felt more capable of doings things at home and mentally content, also because something in my life was finally about me. Baby learnt to do exercise and observed me doing it over and over again, so now he thinks naturally exercising is a part of life.

Now my son is well past 2, and I look forward to many more years training with Mel. She is reliable, friendly, patient, honest and truly cares about her clients. She has the heart and soul we struggle to find in the world.

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