"> 5 tips to make exercise a daily habit!

5 tips to make exercise a daily habit!

Struggling to exercise regularly and have tried it several times?  You joined a gym (but didn’t select a personal trainer) with a New Year’s resolution and went hard for a few weeks expecting rapid results but then you quickly lost motivation once the you didn’t immediately get the six pack you were yearning for so eventually you gave up. I know I know I’ve heard it before and it’s actually very common. You are probably wondering how some people are always disciplined and can continue to keep the training up while some people can never stay committed.  How does that guy always make his bootcamp session every single Monday?

Find your motivation

Don’t exercise because you think you should or because others do it. Exercise because you really want to or you won’t be successful.  I believe in both the mental and physical benefits of exercise, especially outdoor group training!  Most of the time just wanting to lose weight isn’t enough motivation and you are more likely to fall off the wagon if this is your only motivator.  You need to look at the bigger picture. Include the physical, mental & emotional benefits that you get from exercise and especially those amazing endorphins as part of your health goal. Also, if training on your own is not going to keep you motivated, then join some group training. There are different types of groups like Outdoor Group Training, Mums & Bubs group training, Bootcamp, team sports and lots more. Sometimes joining something and getting the sense of a community will make it more fun, social but yet challenging at the same time.  Maybe your motivator is different- you have signed up to do Tough Mudder and don’t know where to start?  Talk to the experts!

Choose a designated exercise time

Sometimes it just easier to be more organized and yes I’m talking about making a plan for exercise. Sit down and really think about when you have free time every day. Could you get up a little earlier to train or spare 30 mins during your lunch break or maybe even when the kids are in bed. Having something planned daily sets a routine for you and routine will help with consistency. Choosing to train the same time everyday helps. Sign up to unlimited outdoor group training classes with us and you will always find a time that suits you.

Pencil it in

Yep use that iPhone calendar. Whether it’s your Google calendar, outlook calendar or your diary… book it in people! Set alerts so that you get reminders and that way you can’t ignore them ;-) So whether it’s your regular run, yoga session or Outdoor group training session, book it all in.  If you are part of a group and you don’t show at your scheduled time expect to be held accountable for not attending!

Form a habit (most important of them all)

The most important part is to continue with the schedule and not change it up  until you get used to the idea of exercising regularly.  So if it means you can only run for 15 mins a day- you are still exercising daily. You can increase the duration of your exercise bit by bit each week. It’s your brain that needs to get used to the idea of forming the habit. The last thing you want to do is do such an intense workout and you can’t walk for the next 5 days. I will never forget years ago when I did my first Body Pump class and I was in serious pain for nearly the whole week… I couldn’t even run for the bus… I just had to let it go and wait for the next one because I could hardly walk. And because there was such a big gap in between training again, I lost the momentum I had been building.

Falling off the Wagon

If you skip a session for some reason, don’t beat yourself up about it or make it a reason to quit. You will only feel bad about it and what is the point of that? Instead just go back over step one and think about why you did fall out of your exercise habit. Could it be that you need a motivator like a personal trainer or should you join group training or a bootcamp?  Should you change your work out time to an earlier or later time slot? Don’t let it get you down and don’t give up. Start all over again if you have to and go back to step one. Own it!