"> Doing the right thing and not getting results?

Doing the right thing and not getting results?

My gosh, I have been so busy planning the wedding for the last few weeks that sometimes I have to admit it’s hard to find time to fit everything in….

I was sent an article the other day that I wanted to share with you about how stress can effect weight loss even though you are exercising, eating well and how too much coffee can contribute in increasing stress hormone levels. http://tiny.cc/36j2iw My tip is to try sticking to one coffee a day and even opt for caffeine free day! Substitue Coffee for a Dandelion latte- it’s the herbal equivalent to a coffee with added health benefits or try for a caffeine-free herbal tea… there are so many amazing brands and flavours out there. My favourite brand at the moment is Pukka and you can find it in most health stores. Also, if you find you are exhausted and stressed but not sleeping well treat yourself to a massage, try Reiki or see an energy healer which can help balance your body.  I am a massive believer in balancing the energy around the body… when I went over the handle bars of my bike and hit my head I was unbalanced so went to an energy healer and it helped me feel better and clear headed. You won’t know until you try it 🙂 OwnItFit!