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I’ve been going to Own it Fit classes for over 2 years now. I was already a regular exerciser with running and swimming being my fitness of choice. For me Own It Fit provides all the strength training and core work that you know you should do but just never would do by yourself. The classes are fun and challenging whatever your fitness level. They have massively improved my fitness. I’ve made good friends through doing the classes, there is always a bit of banter between the group. I find even on days where you don’t feel like it you want to go to catch up with everyone! Through Own it Fit I’ve entered lots of team events such as Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, City 2 Surf and the Sun Run. It’s great to have a big group to do these events with. Mel is also a font of information about how to eat well so focuses on health through diet as well as exercise. Own it fit gives you the whole package. *

Debbie McAllister

trained by Own it Fit

Transformation  – “GEN”

Transformation  – ” GREG “

I have been training with Own It Fit for the past two years. I have never felt so healthy and fit. For years I tried to improve my health on my own but despite my efforts, I kept gaining weight. Since training with Own It Fit I have completely transformed my diet and fitness. Two years ago I could barely run 500m. Now I have completed two half marathons, climbed a 6000m mountain and lost 3 dress sizes. I have achieved goals which I never thought were possible for me. The combination of nutrition, group exercise and motivational support provided by Own It Fit made achieving these almost easy.

Rosemary (Rosie) Bullmore

trained by Own it Fit

Transformation  – ” tania”

Transformation  – ” marc”

During the Own It Fit 6 week challenge I lost 10kg and greatly improved my overall fitness. I feel great! *

Andrew Stedman

trained by Own it Fit

Training with Own It Fit has made me so much healthier and fitter! It’s always a great workout with a fun bunch of people and Mel is always changing up the sessions so it’s never repetitive. Love it!*

Katrina Duncan

trained by Own it Fit

I lost over 6kg! The biggest areas I found have improved by the end of the 6 weeks are: weight loss, improved skin complexion, less digestive issues and more energy. I managed to fit back into my “skinny” jeans on the Saturday right before I was due to finish! Mel is a great trainer. She does a great variety of workouts to keep it interesting and also gets great results (with both the waistline and your fitness levels). *

Leanne Cotter

trained by Own it Fit

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